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Wiki Sentence Examples:

Homebuilding: Homebuilding materials and home building techniques have improved substantially over the years.

Hugely Stronger: We realize the situation is hugely frustrating, but we look forward to getting this resolved for you all and hopefully moving forward stronger.

She Dispatched: He was wearing out, so she dispatched her carriage to fetch her if she wished.

Taken The Lid Off: After having taken off the drum lid and visual inspection of the contents, the drums werekept open for further processing.

Pleasure In Explaining: Century womanhood and loving your vagina, Cherry led a wonderful and empowering evening, where a room of women spoke about masturbation, being confident in asking for sexual pleasure and explaining pe

Dear Evan Hansen You Will Be Found: For anyone who ever sat alone at lunch, Dear Evan Hansen has an enduring message: You will be found.

Aerial Mycelium: Many species also form conidia in the aerial mycelium on phialidic or blastic conidiogenous cells.

I Am Running Late: What if I am running late or could not take one part of my test due to circumstances beyond my control?

One Thousand Seven Hundred And Fifty: Lord One Thousand Eighteen hundred and Fifty Seven.

Split Onto: As below screenshot shown, sometimes, when printing worksheet, you may find some vertically merged cells are split onto two pages due to the page break line breaks across the merged cells.

Granted Bail: Am I likely to be granted bail or release in my criminal case?

Well Wedded: These warrants, as well as the unpaid fines and court fees, have kept the residents wedded to the criminal justice system in extraordinarily large numbers.

Do You Almond: Do you have the recipe for the Almond Cream Cheese Frosting too?

The Centerpiece: Fortitude, the centerpiece of our insurance strategy, continues to positively impact fundraising.

Microorganisms: Although some evidence exists for pacifier colonization with microorganisms, the direct association between these organisms and infection has not been proven.

Engage Jointly: Furthermore, in this conception of Block, there are four requirements for an effective partnership to exist: Exchange of purpose: This requires that leaders engage jointly with workers at all levels t

The Years When: They were the years when organized crime ruled the cities, and the police seemed powerless to do anything against it.

It Wasn't Adequate: For somebody plainly, it Star Wars experiments that unusually fine adequate wasn a number of problems i incorporated in Smaug Lonely Exceptional altitude.

Modest Overhead: Apiary has modest performance overhead, is effective in limiting the damage from real vulnerabilities to enable quick recovery, and is as easy to use as a traditional desktop while improving desktop c

There Is One Important Difference: There is one important difference, you charge the card before use.

Village Government: The Village Board finds and determines that it is essential to assure residents of Silver Creek that the Village government continues to make every effort to protect children from sex offenders.

Dunkard: Bechen in Dunkard, Greene County.

Grass Fibre: Check for various trace evidences in the soil like fibre, hair, grass, seeds, etc.

Charming And Engaging: Anna herself is so charming and engaging and her lessons are a delightful incentive to revive dormant vocabulary and traditions.

Passenger Vehicle: Disability Plates are issued to qualified Massachusetts residents who are primary owners of a registered passenger vehicle.

Completed Intervention Study: In this study, intervention fidelity encompassed both the prescription time ordered by the provider as well as the actual dialysis time completed by the patient.

The Moment Takes Place In: Habitatsdirective, which may play a role in the evaluation of the Habitatsdirective that takes place at the moment.

So Many Aspects Of: Although I differ in perspective on a few issues that Willard expounds upon in this book the insight he brings to so many aspects of Christian living rank this book among the most impacting that I hav

Members Composed Of: You could establish a class of members composed of the students and a class of members composed of their parents.

Continuous Source Of Inspiration: Her dedication to and care for coaches is a continuous source of inspiration.

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